Mana's Manor

Make yourself at home

I'm making a neocities! Well...right now it's just a copy of a layout builder but hopefully I'll be able to make it more customized soon. Maybe I never will and it will look like this forever...we'll see!

Why am I doing this?

Because I want a space to share my interests, videos I've made, thoughts I have and I don't want those sorts of posts to be shoved in front of the faces of uninterested, uncaring strangers. I want a place where I can post little updates that you can check on if you care to see them. Also I've peeked at a few Neocities sites and I was so inspired. Each site feels like a glimpse into someone's inner world and that's something I find so connecting and exciting.

Plus...I'm so sick of how similar everything looks. I work a really boring job where I have to interact with a lot of different insurance websites and they all have the same aesthetic. These streamlined, slick websites made with some tool like squarespace with lots of grey pages that take forever to load and search bars that don't work right. I hate it. The neocities sites I've seen have been a treat for my eyes and a big reminder of the internet I knew in middle school. The fun internet.

I'm excited to fill this space with things I love. More to come!